Dear Love,

I know both of us have gone through many things together this past 7 years.
Especially you, with what you were doing to us.
And all the things that you did to me.


I’m not really interested in your past.
I’m interested in what makes you tick, in what makes you angry, or in what keeps you sane.
Tell me those things.

You WILL have my undivided attention.

Look at people these days.
People waste so much time looking at your reputations and your name.
And they simply forget that you aren’t the same person who did those things back then.
I do NOT really give a fuck on what has happened to you or what you did.
Your mistakes, your bad deeds, whatever it was.

This is you.
This is now.
I just want to watch you happen in this single moment.

I want you, the beautiful you.
You, with your purple hair and silver skin.
With eyes like almond drops, and mouth like a painter’s masterpiece.

I want you to be here, to sleep in my arms.
Between the softness of my words.

I want to ink our future on your back and over the expanses, from chest to thighs.
Let me hear you breathing, let me hear your sighs.

I want your words: fearless, intelligent.
Sharpened with self-respect and worth.

I want a kiss from you.
A kiss more than you can give from your strawberry-like lips.

Because I love you.
And that means I’m not just here for the good things.
That I’m not just here for the pretty parts of you.
I’m here, and I’ll be there for you no matter what.

Even if you asked me to go with you through hell and back,
I will gladly hold your hand and walk with you every single step of the way.
Just to prove that I am proud to have you.
And to prove that I will take every risk available just to keep you.

Never underestimate the love that I have for you.
It is not a common, mediocre level of love.
It is mad, passionate, and extraordinary.
It came from my soul – ripped wide open, and raw.

It is all I have and everything that I know.

And it is my whole heart on display.





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