I have to stop my work for a moment.
Thinking of what I should do this weekend.
I was planning to go to the biggest bookstore in town.
But my co-workers don’t really like books.
I asked them, but they just don’t know where.

“Aren’t bookstores the same?”

No they are goddamn not.
But I didn’t say that, I understand that they just don’t know which one is the biggest.
So I asked her:

“Do you know where the biggest bookstore in town is?”

Minutes after I messaged her, I suddenly remember that.. She doesn’t want to message me.
Not even to reply a message as simple as asking where the fucking bookstore is.
I felt stupid.
I wanted to throw my phone away and just stop doing stupid things related to her.

Alright, enough whining.
I need to go back to work.

And I need some thick, black coffee to help me ease my mind.


Dear Love,

You could just tell me where it is.
At least tell me if you don’t know or whatever.

Love, I just want you to know:
One simple message from you, just one,
Whatever it is, I don’t know, as long as it’s one simple message,
And as long as it’s from you,

Could really, really, REALLY make my whole day.
Or even my whole weekend.

I still remember a week ago when you wished me a happy birthday.
My birthday wasn’t all that happy.
I asked you for an explanation on why you don’t want to reply my messages on my birthday.
And you didn’t give me one; you gave me a half-hearted(?) birthday wish.
While all I was asking is just an explanation.

If you’re just lazy to explain on why you don’t want to message me, think of this:

Whom should I ask about why you don’t want to message me other than you, yourself?
Let me answer it for you : No one.
No one else other than you know the answer.

All I am asking is just for you to at least brighten my day.
But you are making it look like I’m asking you to do some unthinkable atrocities.

It’s not complicated; it is NOT a goddamn rocket science.

Let’s not make it hard, now shall we?



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