Love Star.


I can’t sleep. And I’m currently looking at the cloudy and bright night sky.

One of the things I hate about this city is the pollution. Whenever I look at the night sky, it’s always cloudy, and brighter than usual because of the light from the city. Both light and air pollution combo. And I can’t see the stars.

But there’s this one brightest star, Sirius, that always shine its light brightly, through the clouds from air pollution, and the city lights just can’t outshone its brightness.

And I thought, perhaps our love is just like this; just like the brightest star in the night sky.

I’ve gone through my lowest point in my life few months ago. And it felt like I was swallowed by the darkness; it was as if nothing in the world mattered anymore. But somehow, the love that I have for her made my soul lit dimly. Even though the light was far than bright, but unlike everything else, the love I have for her glowed. The clouds, the air and light pollution were my darkness. And our love was the star.

She has gone through many, many things, too. She was betrayed and lost her ability to trust and love in just a day. She got no one that she can trust. Her sky was dark and cloudy. But I kept shining. I kept showing her the love that I have for her no matter what happened.

And she might be busy loooking forward or even ignoring her cloudy sky, but later, when she look up, and take a good look her cloudy night sky, she will see one brightest star that’s shining through her clouds and outshone any other lights directed towards her – our love.

People have been using the stars for navigation for centuries – celestial navigation. Even animals use it. While this kind of navigation is using constellations, they need their brightest star to identify themselves in unclear night skies.

It is only fit to see our love as the brightest star in the sky; to navigate us – me and her – way back to our love whenever we feel lost; and right now, for her, when she’s finally strong enough to look up to the sky and acknowledge the love she has deep inside her heart.


Love, do look up to the night sky – your sky.
Search for the brightest star amidst the clouds.

Let it navigate you to find your way back to our love.





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