This is getting quite stupid.

Because I’m new in my workplace, all I’m doing until next week is setup-ing things,
And learning new things.
Well, it’s all fun and games and I love learning new things.
But the stupid thing is:

She keeps showing herself in my head every few minutes whehn I turn away my attention to something else.

Whenever I take a sip of my black cofee, I remember her from the bitterness, just because she loves bitter things.
Whenever I take a look at my written and sticky notes, I remember her.
Whenever I walk to the pantry to get some food/drink, I remember her.
And the most idiot of all: whenever I see my female co-worker with almost the same small frame as her (she’s definitely smaller, though) I remember her.

Well, those thing do NOT actually affect me and my work efficiency.
It’s just.. I was just wondering how could she get inside my head at most times.

It’s as if she’s running around in my head calling my name, asking for attention.
But whenever I turn my attention to her, she would immediately hide and move away.
It’s like playing a virtual hide and seek inside my head.
And she’s very, very good at hiding herself in my head.
People said, to catch a mouse, you have to pretend to be like a mouse.
Heck, I’m not a mouse, how do I pretend to be one and catch her?

I guess I have to get used to her running around in my head everytime I stop doing things.

I want to write more things, but I have to get back to work.
I think I’ll write about another things later when I get back home.


Dear Love,

Stop running around and hiding.
I need to catch you, right here, right now.

And pull you out of my head so I could put you around my arms.

I won’t bite you.
No, wait, I might.

I might playfully bite your lips when I finally kissed you.



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