I was at the coffee shop, sitting, waiting for my friend.
And I was actually thinking to myself.
On what I could cherish in my life at this point.

Once again I looked at myself from 3rd person point of view.

I looked at my relationship with her.
She’s ignoring me.
I tried to talk to her but she’s just saying nothing.
I looked at my relationship with my friends.
We do not talk much outside the gaming sessions.
It’s like we do not know each other outside them.
I looked at my relationship with my family.
Things are getting sour.
There’s a problem with my main famiily and my cousins.

Things really are going bad real fast.
The only good thing right now is.. The love I have for her.
And my job.

I don’t know what I should do.

I miss her. I miss her a lot.
But she’s ignoring me.
I want to talk about things to my friends to let things out.
But they don’t even want to talk to me outside gaming sessions.
I want to get a comfy and happy aura in the air inside my house.
But like I said, I have problems with my family.

I guess I have to turn myself into workaholic right now.

I have to turn my attention to my workplace.
To my job.
I have to give my all on my new job.
That, and I have to continue to read books and write things whenever I can.
No matter how few the words that I’m going to write.

.. I need to think about few things.


Dear Love,

I miss you.

No, really, I am.
I just want to talk to you about random things.
At least talk to me.

Would you?

I don’t understand.
Is that so damn hard?



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