Sonnet 5.

The words they spoke were distant from civil;
Suffused with defamation and foul lies,
They’re better served as an absurd drivel;
Those perjurers! They’re Judas in disguise!
Although each one of them did give her kiss –
A smooch – a peck on cheek – a hearty smack;
But there was one thing that they did not miss:
To plunge their knives into my lady’s back.
Before she could complain, they did it first;
They wept and acted like they were the ones
Who were wounded! They said: “She IS the worst!”
Yet it was her whose blood profusely runs.
            From betrayal came the worst kind of pain,
            That broke her trust and made her near insane.




She thought she knew her once dearest friends well. But she knew nothing at all.
Those betrayer, they were just two-faced people that
Hid their true colors behind a barrier named “friendship”.
I know it’s going to be hard for her to trust me again.
Especially when the ones she trusted the most were the ones that betrayed her.
And I think, the most cruel thing about what happened to her was,
She thought the mistake was hers for trusting them.


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