As I write this, the Leo constellation is currently right above my head.
It’s a clear night sky with almost no clouds.
And it’s a full moon.

A night like this is just too beautiful to be spent on bed.
It actually made me stop writing my fourth sonnet.
But the night sky suddenly reminds me of something.

Let me just say something directly to her.


Dear Love,

I love the space.
The universe, the vast sky.
I always love on how mysterious the universe is.
With its planets, stars, asteroids, comets, everything.

Since I was in elementary, I already fell in love with the stars.
The way they arrange themselves to constellations.
The way the shines in the dark night sky.
And the moon, too.
There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the moon.

And as I mentioned in my previous posts,
I started to frequently stargaze since more than a year ago.
The night sky is just.. Marvelous.

Then you came.

I don’t have to look at the night sky anymore.
Why should I?

You are space.
Your eyes are filled with the stars.
Your back are covered with constellations.

Those little hands of yours, they could paint the entire galaxy.
And your very soul is the universe.

I was completely mesmerized.
I wanted to explore you.
Your soul; your universe.

I don’t want anything else.

But right now, you are just so far.
Not that far, not out of reach.
Just at arm’s length.

But it already made me lost my sky.
Right now, it’s as if my night sky has changed.
I could no longer stargaze.
My whole night sky is hiding from my view.

And now, Love, when I look up to the night sky,
and I see the stars, the vast sky, black with unknown things,

all I could see is you.

Your face;
Your little hands;
The constellations on your back.

No, I don’t really love space anymore.
I don’t love the mysteriousness of the universe like I did when I was little.
Not anymore.
How could I love anything in the space after loving someone as beautiful as you?

Even the whole beauty of the universe combined will still NOT as beautiful as your grace;
Because you, you are my entire universe.
Packed into one perfectly imperfect being.
And with this love, I feel like I’m around you.
I feel like I’m part of the stars.

People said every woman needs the right man that could see the beauty of her universe, so the woman herself could understand her worth, her universe inside her.
And I don’t know whether I have explained it to you well enough with my lousy writing.

But, Love, I hope you understand how madly in love I am with you.
You don’t need to completely understand why.

Just understand that I could see straight right into your soul; your universe.

And I am completely bewitched by its beauty.





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