The Rain.


There was a particular kind of sadness in the rain this afternoon: On how the sky was weeping, crying endlessly, dismally shedding its tears to the Earth; and on how it reminds me of her.

“Why are you crying? Why don’t you share me your sorrow?” I whispered to the sky; but there was no answer. All I could felt was the icy raindrops on my bare skin, completely drenched me from head to toe.

I cupped my hands and lifted my face to the sullen, wailing sky, trying to collect its tears, to no avail. My hands were only able to hold as much water before it started to overflow. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure of my whereabouts; Was I in the middle of the street? Was the wind wondrously transported me into her heart?

Because perhaps, that was just how the weather is going on inside her: freezing cold and gloomily raining. And no matter what I did, I just wasn’t able to hold back her raindrops – her tears from flowing down; I wasn’t able to chase away her woe; I wasn’t able to beat her coldness, as there was not a shred of warmth coming out of my body but my own tears.

I looked at the water in my cupped hands – at the amount of grief that I could gather, and looked into the raining sky once again; I felt so small, even smaller than her body frame. I realized how helpless I was in trying to help her; for her misery is as vast as the sky, and I’m nothing but an ordinary person, madly in love with her, foolishly trying to contain all of her despair with only my both hands.

I wish I could just stop The Rain; so I could finally see the sun coming out of the clouds, and once again shining inside her heart, warming her with Love and trust.

Oh, how I wish I could make everything right for her.




I really wish I could take all of your pain.
If only you could literally share me your misery;
I would gladly take it just to make you feel better;
I would do anything to make everything right for you.
I would do anything,
anything to erase your mistrustful feelings towards me.


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