Sonnet 2.

I long for moments where our souls aligned:
The way we rise together from the Earth;
Us standing fearlessly, with hearts entwined,
And free from those who ridicule our worth.
Let us escape from those vexatious crowds!
And we’ll start soaring, flying like a dove,
Up high the coral sky, above the clouds;
Oh color me like sunset with your love!
Put trust in me! And let me hold your hand;
For now I’m filled with absence of your light,
Without your gushing tide, my life stays bland,
Just like the sea beneath a moonless night.
            Till winter ends and my fair spring return,
            From dawn to dusk, from sun to moon, I yearn.




Would you give me your hand?
I’ll definitely reach it.
We don’t have to look at each other from our shades.
We could go together. Hand in hand.
We could rise together.
Decorated in the name of love!


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