A Billion Times Yes.


I read something earlier this morning. And it made me contemplate things about her.

I’ve been madly in love and I think she is the one and this is it. I might be right, but before I continue to move heaven and earth and split the sea down the middle to make it work once again, I need to take her hand in mine, turn the lights off, turn my computers and phones and the tv off. I need to shut myself off from the world.

I need to ask myself. Is she someone that I can sit with in the darkness? is she someone I can sit with in silence? Is she someone I can spend hours with doing nothing else but counting the distance between lightning and thunder?

Because life is more than a forever of picture perfect moments – it’s darkness, and silence and interludes in which I will need to hold my breath. Forever with her should not feel like forever, it should feel like no time at all; it should feel like a blink of an eye; an interlude between the lightning strike and a thunder.

I’ve spent my days with her. In happiness, in silence, in darkness, with us holding each other’s hands and listening to each other’s heartbeat; with us breathing love together while our lips pressed against each other; with us counting the seconds of the time that is ticking away, robbing our moments together, wishing that the time would go slower – or even stopped ticking once and for all.

Without realizing it, I’ve already answered myself those questions since weeks, or even months ago. I’ve been repeating the answer until today – one simple word – just like a mantra.

Yes. Yes, yes, and yes. A billion times yes.

I’ll whisper it in her right ear hundreds of times every single day for the rest of my life if I have to.





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