Sonnet 1.

There is a madness nesting deep within.
Infesting mind like strains of deadly plague.
The love’s sweet poison! Sown beneath the skin!
So please forgive if I’m a little vague.
It’s her! The source of my insanity!
Just look how nature basks in her fine grace:
The sea admires her vast serenity,
Sun loves the brightness of the lady’s face.
And stars, they marvel at her dazzling eyes!
Her charm is something nature couldn’t resist,
For she is lovelier than butterflies.
Who knew that such elegance could exist?
            This love has sets my craziness aflame,
            For love and lunacy are both the same!




Love is madness.
One hell of a beautiful madness.
That’s why I keep going on, loving fearlessly.
Embracing this feeling; this love that I have for you.
And just like what Plato wrote in Phaedrus:
“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.”


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