First couple 2016 milestones completed.

The first was, to get a short haircut.
This is a very big thing for me.
Yeah, it might sound ridiculous, you might think like,

“What’s with a haircut? It’s just a haircut. We get it every few months.”

Not for me.
For 6 years, since 2009, I always had a long hair.
I mean, I do cut my hair regularly, I just like to keep it long enough.
Well, not too long, but long enough to be called long. At least for a guy.
As silly as it might sounds, it was a totally different thing for me.
The downside, I felt partly naked. It’s just, it feells so strange.
The upside, many people said I look few years younger.
I guess that’s a good thing.

I sent my first photo to her in short haircut.
And she ignored me.

Like always, she read my messages.
But she didn’t say anything afterwards.
I guess it was the time I should leave her alone for a while.

Or maybe it was just because I was so ugly in short hair.
She decided not to talk to me anymore.


No, in all seriousness, she might needs her time alone.
I was already blabbering to much because I was drunk.
Plus, I said to her that I got a job interview coming up at her city.
I don’t know, maybe she’s just afraid that I would come to her place immediately.
That’s just what my gut said.
The thing is, she just need her time alone right now.
Plus, I believe she’s busy.

The second milestone was, a new tattoo.
I got it yesterday.
I’ll let you lot know once I send the photo of it to her.
Yes, she needs to see it first before anyone else.
Except anyone around near me.
Not now, I don’t want to disturb her and all.
And, well, again, she might needs her time alone.

So many people talking about 2016 resolutions and milestones.
I, well, I wrote mine two days ago.
I could literally say “New Year, New Me.” because of the short hair.
And.. At time like this I wonder what are her 2016 resolution.
I asked her when I was drunk.
She didn’t reply.
I guess she was horrified with my condition, with me being drunk.

Nothing interesting today.
Like previous days, I miss her so.
I want to message her, but it seems like she just don’t want to talk to me.

I just don’t know what to do.
I guess I’ll finish my poem and write something more.


Dear Love,

I am done with the interview.
It was an online interview, they said there’s no need to go to your city.
They said they are interested in me, and will email me ASAP.
That was a good news, yes.
I need to hone my skills for this job.
Don’t worry, I won’t magically come to your front door and say hello.
At least not anytime soon.

No, seriously.
I promise I will tell you whenever I want to go to your place.
Don’t be afraid and all, okay?
I won’t do anything stupid.
I promise.

I got another job interview tomorrow.
Even though you don’t want to talk to me, pray wish me good luck.
I do want this job quite bad.
That, and I kind of wish.. You could say something about my hair.
It really is look bad. At least for me.
Would you say something about it?
If you say I look ugly and all, just say it.
I just want to hear your honest opinion.

And one more thing, go to bed earlier!
I know you might got deadlines and all, but please get some rest.
I don’t want you to get a second round of gastrointestinal infection.
And don’t skip your daily meal!

… I sounded like your mother.
Sorry. I don’t mean to treat you like a child.
Even though you have a posture as big as elementearies.
It’s just,¬†sometimes you just forget to take care of yourself.
Don’t make me worried, okay?

Always remember, I will always be there for you.
Anything you want to tell me, I’m always all ears.

You can always trust me.






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