Words are the most powerful creation of mankind. Spoken or written, they have their own power; They have capability of both formidable kindness and ultimate destruction. Words have both the power to heal people, and the power to send the people into the depths of misery.

Take a good look at the past. It is filled with examples of what words can do. For spoken words, history showed us that great speaker have motivated the mankind in hopeless times, or even mustered them into committing atrocious crimes. For written words, since hundreds, or even thousands of years ago, written word has saved lives, communicated powerful ideas, preserved memories and traditions, and many more.

Personally, I always try to use written words to communicate my thoughts and feelings. Although I have to admit, if I have the courage, I would love to be able to speak my words freely. And for her, I always try to inject Love into my words. She has been hurt with words as sharp as knives; And so I’m trying to heal her wounds with sincere, healing words packed with Love and care; Love words.

Always be careful with words and their power. Words once spoken and heard, or written and read, can NOT be taken back. And sometimes, can NOT be forgotten.

Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of words.





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