The One.


“What were you afraid of ?” I asked her.

“That you would find me ugly the first time you saw me !” She replied.

I laughed. Ugly? Her? Those two words weren’t connected for me, as if they were from a totally different language. Ugly seemed like an impossible word to someone with such a killing smile. I even wondered if she left her victims just like I was: Dead, struck by her bright smile, so radiant that even the stars would be ashamed of their own brightness; Yet alive at the very same time. I felt like Schrödinger’s cat.

But again, I never am believe in something as temporary as her looks. It was something else; We lighted up and synchronized right away. It was as if my whole body announced to myself that she is The One; As if our lives has entwined through numerous lifetimes before. Maybe this is why I don’t believe in something as shallow as a Love at the first sight. No, it was definitely not a Love at the first sight.

It was a soul recognition.




A lot of people would say that they know you well;
That they understand you and all.
But they will never be able to understand the feeling I had the first time I recognized your soul;
The feeling you once described for us in one of your writings :
How we held each other’s future in our hands.


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