It finally is finished.
The thing that I made for her.
Was kind of a hard work, tho.
It was the first time I made such thing for anyone.

Now I need to continue writing.
My poor neglected poems need attention.

Or I don’t know.
It’s already late.
I was thinking of reading.
If I start to write and brainstorm at this hour, I won’t be able to sleep later.

Plus, I need to drive tomorrow afternoon.
It’s going to be 6 hours of driving.
My Brother-in-law’s grandmother passed away yesterday.
And I need to go out of town.
It’s so close to Christmas, and yet there’s sad aura filling the air.

Oh well.
We’re nothing in the eyes of death.
No one can predict death.

I remember I said that I wanted to say something about this year.
I think I’ll postpone it until the end of the year.
Right now, I’m kind of tired after doing the thing for her.

I’ll just take a rest while reading Agatha Christie’s book.


Dear Love,

The thing I made for you is.. Kind of bad.
At least I think so.
It’s not really good, it was the first time I made such a thing for anyone.

I believe you’ll know which post that contains the thing.
In case you can’t find it, it’s this protected post.
Just open it whenever you want or whenever you can.
Just make sure you’re not in foul mood.
I don’t even know when you will read this.
If you’re wondering about the password, its :

Your birthdate in DDMMYYYY format.

Let’s hope I put your birthdate right.
And if you can’t access it, well..

Do message me.

I hope that won’t happen.

And if you can open it,
I hope you’ll love it.
Don’t forget to bring your feelings with you when you see the post.
Believe everything you feel, like I believe in your Love.

And just like I breathe the Love you gave to me.






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