I just made a new page for the list of books that I’ve read.

I recounted.
111 books.

I amazed at myself.
That many? How?
And I don’t think it’s the complete list.
I believe I still have some books that isn’t yet listed.

I was kind of happy at this time.
An hour ago, a poetess was about to answer my questions about how to choose good words for poems. Because I have a lot inspiration, but sometimes all the words seems so cliche.
Especially because it’s about Love.
And it’s about a woman that I love so dearly.
And the poetess said she will write me a poem as an answer.

That made me super excited.

Now I really want to finish the writing I made for her.
It’s almost done.
Just one last finishing touch.

And not only that,
I also want to read more books.
I currently reading The A.B.C. Murder by Agatha Christie.
I thought I’ll read her books.
And when I’m done, I’ll continue to read books about American Civil War.

Well, the question is,
which one should I do right now?

“She asked you to get plenty of rest and stop being a stupid stubborn insomniac frog.”


…… Right.

Yeah, it’s super late right now.
I should go to bed.
I hope there won’t be any stupid imagination running wildly in my head this time.
And if there’s one, I’ll make sure to write it down quickly.

She might not realize it, but, her care meant so much for me.
Or maybe she does realized it.

One thing’s for sure,
what she did made me Love her more and more, and more, and more.

And more.


Dear Love,

Usually at this hour I’d just start make a cup of coffee.
And then start to write things.

Just to let you know, my draft box is filled with 23 unpublished poems.
It’s just.. It feels like they aren’t not that good.
I have to revise each and every single one of them before posting them.
I’ll do one or two of them tomorrow.

Thanks to you, I changed my sleeping pattern.
I really don’t want to make you worried.
Just, do me a favor, will you?

Don’t make me worried.

Rest whenever you can.
Don’t stay awake until morning.
Change your sleeping pattern.
I know it’s not hard for you to go to bed.
You’re a light sleeper anyway.
Stop staying awake for something unimportant.

In my defense, my writing is super important for me now.
It’s all that I have that connects me and you.
It exist because of you. And because of us.
But I’m willing to change myself.
I’m fixing myself with my sleeping pattern.

I know I won’t be able to know what you’re really doing.
You do care about me even though it’s subtle.
But you don’t realize that you need to take care of yourself too.
Moreover, you’re usually stubborn as hell.
Especially when you’re busy with assignments.
Well I do understand if you are going to up until morning for assignments.

But, please do that one favor for me.

So I could sleep without worry.
And I will make sure you won’t have to worry about me being a zombie like few days ago.

I need to sleep now.
You should, too.
Go to sleep.
I know you’re usually still awake until 4 or 5 in the morning.
I just.. Know you that well.

I’ll try to dream about us in the most beautiful way possible.

Sleep ! Jump to bed !

Hugs, kisses, and infinite Love,





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