Dear Santa,

This is the first time I write for you.
Honestly, I’ve stopped thinking about magic.
I’ve stopped believing in it since many years ago.

But, this Christmas, I need to believe.

I don’t want a new car, a new phone, or anything that you usually put in your magic bag.
No, sir.

All I wish to receive from you this Christmas is Faith.

Faith that everything will be okay.
Faith that she will be able to finally find her way back to me.
Faith in all of the people in the world.
And most importantly,
Faith in myself.

Oh, and one more thing.
Could you please give her the Faith, too?
So she could have Faith in Love, and in herself.
So she would start being her caring and Loving self without any slightest fear.

I want her and I to have hope for a bright future, filled with Love and excitement.
Away from negative and awful thoughts.

If you can only make Faith for one of us, please give it to her.
She needs it way more than I do.

Thank You, Santa.
Merry Christmas.

With Hope,



  1. lrloisel48 · December 24, 2015

    I’m not trying to force religion down your throat but, what about faith in God?


    • letmywritingdescribeme · December 24, 2015

      For me, things with God is very, very, very personal. That’s why I almost never mentioned God in my posts. It’s not like I believe in Santa more than God, it’s just, I remember I was very fond of Santa when I was little, and I thought perhaps it’d be okay to ask for miracle from him like when I was little. 🙂
      About Faith in God, I do believe in Him. I’m a Catholic. I might not wrote about it, but I pray to Him every single day. I pray especially for her, so she would be able to solve her fear and trust issues.

      Liked by 1 person

      • lrloisel48 · December 25, 2015

        Well Merry Christmas my friend and may God bless you with the wishes you wish for.


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