I’m Yours.


Soak me with your rain,
Deafen me with your thunder,
Toss me back and forth,
Drown me in your waves.
You’re the raging storm.
I’m your paper boat.

Toy me around,
Pull my heart strings,
Make me dance and sing,
Voice me as you will.
You’re the puppet master.
I’m your marionette.

Sketch my skin with passion,
Stain me with colors,
Etch me your dreams,
Paint me again and again.
You’re the artist.
I’m your canvas.

Inject yourself into my veins,
Control my heart and mind,
Take over my body,
Make me beg for more.
You’re the drug.
I’m your addict.

Haunt me with your touch,
Possess my soul,
Consume me wholly,
Make me yours.
You’re the love.
I’m your willing victim.




When I wrote this piece,
my chest felt like it’s going to explode at any moment.
I succumbed to the Love I have for you.
And it’s currently burning wildly inside me.
A Love that could set the whole world ablaze.
I’m yours; I’m fully yours.


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