19-12-2015. [Journal]

19th December, 2015

She messaged me in broken English.
It was as if it’s not her, the English was so bloody awful.

“It had it all. it just we not lucky.”

Are all I could remember about the message.
And then she said something about me and her, in long messages I can’t remember.
All I remember is that I was so devastated when I read her messages.

Suddenly I got mentioned by her in Twitter.
She was endorsing a certain stupid beauty product I can’t remember.
And I saw something as her twitter cover photo.

It’s her photo along with that certain guy.
With a caption :

“(Her name) ❤ (Guy's name) longlast"

The caption was longer.
And in the same extremely horrible English as before.
I quickly messaged her, asking if the reason she didn't want me to get close to her was because she's already in another relationship with that certain guy.
She answered that she's not in a relationship with anyone.
I said to her even an idiot wouldn't fall to something as stupidly obvious as that.
She was lying to me again.
She's a terrible, terrible liar in my dream.

And I woke up.


Yeah, it was a short dream.
And I know it really meant nothing.
A stupid one, I would say.
Yes, extremely stupid.
I don't know what to say about this dream.
I even slightly laughed thinking about this dream.
Perhaps I was thinking too much about what she said.

Damn frog.
This is why I hate confusing story that contains a confusing metaphor with confusing meaning.

I need to get some more sleep.
I hope there won’t be a second journal for today.




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