When I woke up this morning,
I knew that today is going to be a bad day.

Because my demons woke up along with me.

They wrapped me completely in their dirty hands.
They infested my mind with questions.
And they cast their spells on my heart to woke all the pain in the pieces of my heart.

I didn’t want to get up from my bed.
There’s this special kind of pain on the pit of my stomach.
And I have to deal with it every single morning.

I keep stumbled upon the broken promises.
They felt like a shackle to my feet.
And I can’t walk like this. I have to crawl.

Are promises made to be broken, or to be kept?

I don’t know.
But if I made a promise,
you could be assured that come hell or high water, I would strive to fulfill it.
She did something that I said I would never do.
And I still wouldn’t.

She insisted to left me, and gave up on me.
Even though she repeatedly promised me she won’t.
I gave her all that I have.
I guess it wasn’t enough.

Yes, she might have her own reasons.
She once said to me that she won’t break any promises; That the reason she broke her promises was because the other person broke their promises to her first.
I sure as hell wasn’t broke any promises.

So what made her broke her promises to me?
Was it really her that broke her promises?
Or was it someone else? The other side of her that can’t think straight?

I don’t know.
I really want to say plenty of things.
I wanted to rant.

But, for today, I think I should keep my opinions to myself.
I’ll save it for tomorrow.


Dear Love,

I’m sorry I wasn’t enough of a reason for you to stay.




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