17-12-2015. [Journal]

17th December, 2015.

I went to a certain mall with my cousin.
We used a thing called “Anywhere Door”.
A door that could connect one place to another instantly.
I told my cousin to hide it somewhere.
And I proceeded to run to a mall next to it.
My friends were there waiting for me.

And so I was walking around a certain mall with 3 of my friends.
2 of them are my friends on Skype.
Suddenly we saw a basketball court inside the mall.
4 of us played a 2 on 2 game.
Moments later we stopped because a group of students from an unknown school booked the place.
4 of us divided into two groups.

Now let’s give them a temporary name.
Me, Hermes, Zeus, and Hephaestus.

We wanted to go somewhere.
Zeus and Hephaestus decided to go by car.
Me and Hermes decided to use the Anywhere Door.
We walked together to the previous mall where I left the Anywhere Door.

Me, Hermes, and Hephaestus walked from inside the mall.
But Zeus got another plan.
There’s a special rail that connects the mall to another mall next to it.
Zeus used the rail. But he didn’t use the special tram.
He walked on the rail.
3 of us were watching him walking on the rail above.
Suddenly, there’s an officer, and he brought a K9 dog with him.
The officer and his dog went ahead of us.

We finally arrived on the next mall.
We saw Zeus.
With K9 dog biting his right hand, hanging on it.
He cringed in pain and looked towards us.

We laughed.
He looked so stupid.
Turned out, it was forbidden to walk on the rail.

Zeus and Hephaestus went to the parking lot.
Hermes and I were walking aimlessly around the mall.
I called my cousin,

“Where did you put that Anywhere Door?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s in the girl’s changing room near the mall’s pool!” She replied.
“…. What?”

And so we walked to the girl’s changing room near the mall’s pool.
When we arrived, we immediately went inside.
The girls were wearing underwear.
But the strange thing is, they didn’t even look at us.
They weren’t embarrassed by us.
We continued to look for the door.
And it was there, around the middle lockers, covered by dresses.
We went into the door.

And we arrived in a strange place.
A house.
The house was dark, humid, and strange.
It was like a scary abandoned house in horror movies.

Suddenly we heard Zeus’ car arrived at the front of the house.
Hermes ran outside.
And I heard a sound came from a bedroom.
I went to the bedroom and stopped in front of the door.

And I woke up.


I actually kind of pissed when I woke up.
I wanted to know what’s inside the room.
For this dream, I haven’t told her about it.
It was kind of funny.
And weird. My dreams are always weird.
Weird, or scary. Just those.

Maybe she will read this post.
I do hope so.




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