13-12-2015. [Journal]

Starting from this day, I am going to make a journal for my dreams.
I’ll put it in new category.
And i’ll put a tag [Journal] at the end of every title.
Plus a timestamp at the start of every post to indicate the time when I woke up from the dream.
For what reason ?

Uh, Some people said that, the most powerful, life-changing book you’ll ever read is your own dream journal. That, and just because my dreams are usually super weird.

There’s actually nothing weird about writing down dreams. In fact the idea itself is so ancient, that it is said a lot of dreams have been discovered in hieroglyphic form in the Egyptian pyramids.

And so, this post will be the start.


13th December, 2015.

I just got back from a certain place with my friend and his brother.
I was with my sister.
4 of us went into my friend’s car.
And he drove me back to my place.

On the way, we encountered someone who parked their car in the middle of the road.
My friend sounded his car’s horn.
And the owner of that car suddenly came out of his car.
He was an old man, pissed because we sounded the honk.
He shouted something I don’t remember.
Then he spat on the windshield.
As if that’s not enough, he then literally took a piss on the left rear tire.
And then he stood on the right side of the car, angrily rambling about something.

A moment later, someone came.
The person was big and tall, with a messy long hair and scary look.
The scary person talked something to that old man.
He then proceeded to beat the shit out of that old man.
And then he took a wood saw from the side of the road.

And he cut the old man’s right ear.

The old man fainted.
The scary man walked to the side of the car, just next to the driver’s seat, holding a bloody severed ear in his left hand, and a bloody wood saw in his right hand.
He then started to have a conversation with my friend.
I didn’t quite catch on what they were saying, but it seemed awkward.
And then my friend continued driving.

I asked my friend, “What was that?”
“I don’t know, I don’t understand either” He replied.
“But, you saw that right ? How could someone be treated like that ?”
“Karma, I guess? Yeah, that’s karma.”

Suddenly I looked at my phone.
I saw her photos with her friends.
She was wearing a graduation robe.
And there’s a video where she pushed her friends to a pool.
There’s another picture where a girl kissed a guy on a pool.
At first glance it looked like her. She even had the same name as her.
But then I looked again and again.
It was not her.
It was someone fatter, with tanner skin, uglier(ugh) face and longer hair.
I was like,

“Okay? It’s not her? But.. What the fuck?”

Not long after that, I arrived at home.
I saw there’s a food on dining table.
It was.. A cooked pig ears.

And then I woke up.


Yeah, it was weird.
Super weird.
I told her about this dream, and immediately looked for its meaning.
It says that it’s better if I keep my opinions to myself.
She said,

“Don’t think about it too much. It was probably nothing.”

I guess? I don’t know.




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