The Lovely Writer.


I was mesmerized
                  by the way she made
                  her pen dancing
                  on a piece of paper –
                  carving word by word
                  on her magical book.

I was enthralled,
                  drawn like moths to a flame,
                  to the brightness
                  of her charming smile –
                  a brilliance that
                  the sun itself would envy.

I was hypnotized
                  by the way
                  a million stars
                  glimmer in her eyes –
                  as if I was totally lost
                  at the edge of galaxy.

I was entranced
                  by the flawlessness
                  of her impeccable existence,
                  like a masterpiece painting
                  painted with peerless beauty –




Now you know why I really love watching you write.
Perhaps you should look at yourself through my eyes.
So you will fully understand
just how dazzling you are when you’re writing.



  1. thefourelements2015 · December 12, 2015

    This is beautiful!


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