I remember I said that I wanted to publicize my works.
And so I did.
I began to post my works somewhere.
Somewhere public other than WordPress.
I think she knew where I posted them. I believe I told her.
Of course, without linking this blog.

And the result was massive.

Until yesterday, I got plenty of positive response in form of Direct Messages.
Most of them are from random strangers.
This is why I said in my previous post that I could cherish those random strangers.

They said many things.
Some of them are questions.
Their comments below are linked to the respective poems they commented.

“<3 I felt and sensed her Love"
“I love your work!”
“This is beautiful…”
“Oh my God this is awesome.”
“Who’s the lucky girl?”
“I could see what Love has done to you.”
“I melted when I read this beautiful piece of yours..”

And some of another positive amazing responses.
Those random people were being really supportive towards my works.
And not only them, but also random people here in WordPress that has already being very supportive towards my writings.

Thank you for your comments and likes.
Those things worth a lot for me.

I will continue to publicize my works.
This new piece will be the next.

And I won’t be able to do all of this if it wasn’t because of her.
I don’t exactly know how I started writing things.
But all I know, all my posts and poems are about her.

Yes, I love her. I love her dearly.

And if all of these posts and poems don’t clearly show my Love towards her,
then I really don’t know what will.


Dear Love,

I still got plenty of unfinished poems.
And those poems, are mostly about you.
Some of them are about us.
I don’t know why I keep finding things to write.
It’s like I could always find something about you that I really want to write.
Just like that time when I was writing things for your birthday present.

All I know, is that I write because of you.
Because of your perfect imperfections.
Because of my Love for you.

I looked at my works.
All of my poems.
And I looked at myself.
I looked deep inside the pieces of my heart.
And I realized that, after all these years,
It’s always been you.
It’s always about you.
My heart always move towards you.

Always remember that you’re someone’s muse.
You are the reason I take my pen and write everyday.
And you are the very reason those people wonder about your actual fairness and beauty.
Thanks to you, now I believe in the power of words.

Don’t you ever forget your words.
Don’t you forget why you wrote things for me; For us.
Words – words are power.
And my words, have the power of Love.

You’re my muse.
My inspiration.

My very definition of Love.

With my Undying Love,




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