I just realized that today is 8th December.
Recently, I lost track of time and date.
I didn’t even know today’s day, date, and even the exact time when I was about to write this post.

Now, I even had to stop writing my poem and stare at the calendar.


Everytime I see the number 8, I instantly thought of our anniversary.
It’s been months since the first time I said “I love you” to her.
And she replied it with the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

And I look at her, and me.
She’s fighting for her deadline.
I’m guessing it’s about the late submission of her assignment.

And I, I’m struggling to even stand on my feet.
All I’m doing everyday is just reading books, writing poems, and looking for job.
I’ve been trying to start walking.
But all I can manage is a weak crawl.

I don’t know how things can turned up to be like this.
I can still feel her so close to me, yet so far away.

I’m still very much in love with her.
And I know this love won’t go away.
It has stood the test of time for years.
But all I know, I can’t just happily call her right now, and casually say,

“Happy Anniversary !”



Dear Love,

Take a very good care of yourself.
I know you need to push yourself to your limit for this deadline.
But your frail little body needs rest, too.
I remember that you even forgot to eat for a whole day.
Don’t let that happen again.
Lower your stubbornness level.

Oh, you might say “don’t worry.” with that stunning smile of yours.
But of course I’m worried.
As strong as you might be, you’re one of the most stubborn person I’ve ever known.

Don’t let your assignment dim your light.
Keep on shining.





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