The Darkness.


I never am afraid of the darkness. Darkness was, and still is my unseen companion. I found comfort, calm, and stillness in darkness; Where I am in my own little world, and obligations seem to fade from my mind.

But Darkness is darkness; His essence can’t be tamed; Not by a mere mortal. Perhaps, perhaps everyone has their own night where they drift and are swallowed into the darkness. And it was my turn. He caught me when I was straying away from my path; When I was lost; When emptiness filled my heart.

He engulfed me like a shroud, and spread like a wildfire. He cornered me in my own room; Crawled under my skin; Coursing through my veins. My soul blended with the darkness of the night; Infesting my mind; Twisting my thoughts; Filling me with dark, and hideous deceptions.

The dawn came. Yet it was already too late. The Darkness has absorbed me; Devoured me completely; Etched me as his masterpiece. My blood has turned dark; My thoughts shaded; My insanity blossomed. My broken soul has lost in a shadow so foreign, it now sits on edge of breathless life, waiting to be plunged into the depths of misery.




I don’t know if I should run from or embrace The Darkness.
Because as frightening as The Darkness might be,
when all else fails and goes away,
The Darkness stays.
He stays.


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