No matter how angry I get,
I always ended up forgiving people that I love.
I guess its the perks of being an INFP with >90% Feelings.

Just like this one.
No matter how broken I am, no matter how shattered I am, I do still love her.
It’s like, my love to her refused to be destroyed.

It’s like the very same thing is happening again for the fourth time.
And every time this happened, my love for her only grew bigger.

Just like her.
I remember she said that she forgives all those nasty people.
Why? Just because they were once an important person to her.
Just please, do NOT compare with those betraying fucktards.

Goddamn stupid heart.


Dear Love,

I got this one problem. I wouldn’t say its a problem, though. But you might.
The day when you lied to me, and broke all your promises to me, I felt like a glass. Or a mirror. Or a mug. Or a plate. Or whatever it is that could easily shatter.
It’s like you threw me down to the floor, shattered me to pieces.

But there’s this one piece, one whole piece of love from me that refused to be broken.
It refused to be shattered to pieces.
Yes, you might have broke my heart to pieces.
But I do NOT know why my heart refused to hate you.
He refused to loathe you.
He even forgives you.
He still loves you.

I still love you.

Isn’t it amazing?
How you can break my heart to little pieces, and I still love you.
I can found my love among those pieces.

I don’t know what universe has planned for us.
She doesn’t even let me hate you.
She glued my love for you deep in my soul.
If she does have a plan for us, I will need a bloody sign right now.
6 years. 6 bloody years.
And she still hasn’t given me any clear sign about us.

Are we being played at ?
Or maybe I am being played at.
Not just by universe.

But by you.

Or, I don’t know. I can’t think.
My whole heart, body, and brain are scattered everywhere.
Perhaps I should ask this unbroken love.
A mixture of my love for you and the love you gave for me.



Love, oh love that refused to be destroyed,
What am I supposed to do?
What about me and her?
What does Universe has in store for us?

Linked to: a song that perfectly represents me right now.
I remember she loved to hear this song when she was heartbroken 3-4 years ago.
Now I know why.


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