Sweet Nothing.


“I love you.” She whispered, close to my left ear.

I could felt fullness of her being as her hot breath brushed my neck. I held my breath, wincing. Shivers ran up and down my spine. All my defenses vanished. My strengths are gone. I’m surrendering all that I have; My soul, my whole body, my blood, my bones and their marrows; All of me.

Grinning, she kissed my ear. A whimper escaped from my lips as an electric jolt ran through my whole body, melting me into blissfulness. The kiss was a love seal, a seal of ownership.

“You. you are mine.” She whispered again.

I nodded, too weak and full of emotions to answer. Her voice was intoxicatingly sweet, like honey pouring down my senses. I lost myself. I abandoned my control to her. Her love consumed me wholly; Addicting, like a drug.

And my heart, enflamed, burning intensely with love and desire, whispered slowly, “I’m yours. I’m yours forever.”




My whole body shivered numerous times when I was writing this piece.
I remember your lips, touching my left ear, whispering words.
Our words. Our declaration of love. Words that only we both know.
Close your eyes and think of that moment;
Where my voice brushed your right ear as I hugged you from behind;
As I whispered you sweet, sweet nothings.
Let your body shivers from our love.


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