The First Kiss.

She sat on the bed, staring at me;
Her eyes filled with love,
deeper than the deepest sea,
and higher than the highest skies above.

I leaned in close to her face.
The way she breathes and smiles
made my heart race,
and left me breathless all the while.

“Can I.. Kiss you?”
I whispered, slowly, a desperate plea,
as my anxiousness grew.
I wanted her so badly.

Her face grew red,
filled with embarrassment;
Awkwardness occupied her head,
jumbled up, along with excitement.

“Don’t ask, just do it.”
She whispered back, just as slowly.
Without further wait,
I pressed my lips on hers, gently.

Her lips were as warm as the dawn,
with softness that made me so smitten.
The kiss went on and on and on,
like a poem that was still being written.

Time stopped ticking
as we plunged into depth;
Our heart and soul were merging;
Into one being, into one breath.

There was no longer “She”;
There was no longer “I”.
It was now “Us” and “We”;
And will be so until we die.




I don’t know why I asked for your permission to kiss you.
But again, if I didn’t ask, we wouldn’t have that one silly sweet moment.
Close your eyes and try to remember our first kiss.
How does it felt like to you ?
To me, your lips tasted like home.
And that’s why, my lips keep trying to come back to yours.


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