I left her few voice messages.

She read the message, but honestly, I’m not sure if she’s heard all of those.
I’m not even sure is she’s heard even one of them..

What did I sent to her exactly?

Things about my thoughts and feelings, like always.
Things that can only be said, and can’t be written.

Right now, I feel so empty.
There’s a huge gaping hole in my heart.
I’ve said everything that I wanted to say.

Right now, it feels like I’ve done everything I can to help her.
To help myself and her regain her trust.

But it’s as if she’s just doing nothing.
It’s as if she’s continuing her life and not thinking about me. Not even just a little bit.

I bet she didn’t play a single voice message I sent her.

I can’t believe she turned this cynical.
She’s way more bitter than bittergourd.


Dear Love,

If you still care about us, please play all of those voice notes.
Hear each and every single one of them.

And if you don’t want to,
maybe your heart has turned into a stone.
Your love and trust for me are still there, but has turned into stone along with your heart.

Maybe, maybe you just don’t care about us anymore.
Maybe you just don’t want to fix what is happening with us.

Maybe you just forget all the promises you made for me.

I honestly hope all those maybes aren’t true.



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