“I really am having difficulties describing her. Every thought that I think, every word that I choose, they all seem so poor and inappropriate. Even every term and expression that I could and would find in the dictionaries, felt like an insult to her fairness.”

“What about her darkness? Her ugliness? All her bad qualities?

“I’m not blind. I could see all of them. I love her just the way she is. As broken as she might be, and as flawed as she thinks she is. If you think that I couldn’t love her because of all her shortcomings, then you’re mistaken. In her true self, in all her imperfections, I could see her perfectly perfect perfection.”

“You do love her, don’t you?”

“With all my heart. I’d be lost without her.


03:11 A.M.


I’ve seen all your light and darkness.
I’ve seen you at your lowest point.
I’ve seen what you are able and unable to do.
And I’m still madly in love with you,
for what you are. Not for what I want you to be.


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