16-11-2015. [2]

I read something today.

“Pain changes people. So don’t hurt them if you don’t want them to change.”

Well I didn’t hurt her, someone else did.
And it’s true that she changed into someone else. Into someone bitter.
She was one of the most loving, caring. and kind person I’ve ever met.
What she is now is not the real her.

So, I’m going to write what i have in mind to her about that quote I read.
I wanted to talk to her about this directly but.. She’s ignoring me.
So I’ll talk to her using my writing. Using this post. I hope she will read this.

This post, is about her and for her.


Dear Love,

That is true.
Pain changes people.
But it’s also temporary.
After some time, the pain turns into realization that whatever happened in the past, is the past.
It has NOT defined you.

You are still the same person you were born to be,
you’d just been controlled by negativity for too long.
You deserve happiness, true love, care, and respect.
Not all people are out to use, hurt, and destroy you. Me, for example.

You can learn to trust again.
You can learn to believe in yourself again.
Do not overthink. Overthinking is super dangerous.
It can lose you the most precious things in your life.

I know what you’re doing – shutting people out so you won’t get hurt again – is a self-defense mechanism.
But you need to realize, it is also a self-destruction mechanism.

Maybe not now, maybe not later, maybe you’re tired for now,
but time will make you realize all of this.
Your wounds will heal.
Scars will remain, yes. But you will see your scars in a different way of thinking.
You will think, “I got through this. I’m not a failure. I’m not weak. I’m not all the negative things those fucktards made me believe I was. I deserve to be happy!”
And I know you began to realize all of those.
That realization is your turning point in your life.
And NOTHING from that point on will ever bring you down again.

Don’t give up, my dear.
The turning point is just around the corner.
You’re not alone in this. You have me.
We are in this together.
And together we shall triumph.
Always have faith.

Billions of hugs, Trillions of kisses, and Infinite love,




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