Hades’ Journey.

Before you read this story, there are some things that I need to say :
1) I don’t mean to insult any Greek Gods/Goddesses. I just love Greek mythology and I thought I would use Greek Gods/Goddesses to describe the characters’ personalities.
2) I never wrote any story before. The narration and the story might be very bad. Plus, I don’t know if this is considered as a Short or Long story, Fiction or Non-Fiction or combination of both. There’s still a lot of things that I need to learn.
3) I wanted to put this story in another category. But I still don’t have any idea for my next stories. So I decided to put them in the Thoughts and Feelings category. I’ll probably move it later once I have another story to write.
4) Please grab your snacks and read slowly. And thank you for reading !

There was a guy. An ordinary guy. He was walking on his road like anyone else.

He called himself Hades, not because he is evil, or because of his rude appearance, but because of his altruistic personality, passiveness, and his effort of maintaining balance to things around him.

Hades was walking on his road holding someone’s hand.
He called her Hera because of her solemn character, but also her jealous and vengeful nature.

Just like ordinary people, Hades’ path crossed with another people.
He met some people, and began to walk with them.
He called two of them friends.
And one of them as a “special” someone.

Hades called one of his friends Zeus because of his leadership, pride, and stubbornness.
Hades called another one of his friend Hermes, not because he’s cunning, but because Hades sees Hermes’ ability in communication. Hermes was always able to connect Hades with Zeus.
And Hades called his “special” someone Aphrodite, because of her cheerfulness and loving character, and because of her beautiful smile and laughter.

Hades continued to walk, holding Hera’s hand, along with Zeus and Hermes on his left, and Aphrodite on his right.

The strange thing is, Aphrodite and Hades might not holding hands together.
But if anyone look closely enough, they can see a thread tied to Hades’ and Aphrodite’s wrists.
They were connected by a bond. Unknown bond.
None of them recognized this bond.

One day, Aphrodite’s path crossed with someone.
Hades recognized him.
He called him Ares because of his moodiness, unreliableness and short temper.
Hades’ path crossed with him, but Hades decided not to walk with him.
Yet, Aphrodite chose to hold Ares’ hand and walk with him.
But Aphrodite kept looking left.
She kept talking, smiling, and laughing with Hades.

Ares grew impatient.
He pulled Aphrodite away from Hades.
Hades, thinking of Aphrodite’s will to walk away with Ares, let her go.
Hades and Aphrodite can only look at each other from afar.

The thread on their wrists, their bond, didn’t break.
It stretched. It seemed to be unbreakable.

And Hades continued to walk with Hera, looking forward.
Sometimes he would looked to the left,
and he would saw Zeus and Hermes that was walking with him.
And sometimes he would looked to the right with sadness only he can understands.

Time passed for awhile.
Suddenly, Aphrodite began to move closer once again to Hades.
She went back to his right side. Walking together.
Their bond thread shrunk, along with their distance.
But, Hades could saw that Aphrodite was holding hand with another person on her right side.
It was definitely not Ares.
He called him Dionysus because of his madness and his tendency to bring chaos.

Again, Aphrodite and Hades were smiling, talking, and laughing together.
But just like Ares, Dionysus grew impatient.
Dionysus brought chaos, and unleashed his madness to Aphrodite.
He forced Aphrodite to move away from Hades.
Hades wanted to help.
But Aphrodite shook her head.

“No.. Don’t.” She whispered.

And once again, Aphrodite walked away from Hades.
And once again, Hades can only watch Aphrodite walked away.
He can only watch Aphrodite from afar. This time with deeper sadness.
Their bond stretched. Again.

Time passed yet again.
Hera began to dislike Hades. Not because of his affection to Aphrodite.
But because Hera realized that she only loved Hades for who she want him to be, and not for what he really is.
Hades tried to change to whatever Hera wanted.
But he failed. He can’t change himself.
He tried hard to keep her on his side.
But Hera, disappointed, began to loose her grip from Hades’ hand.

And Hades realized that he needed to move away.
He realized the true from of Hera’s love.
Hades released Hera’s hand. Left her, and continue to move forward.
At that time, Hades was walking only with Zeus and Hermes on his left side.

But then, Aphrodite, once again, went closer to Hades.
Their bond shrunk again, along with their distance.
This time, Aphrodite was alone.
Hades was overjoyed. And so was Aphrodite.
They got their happiness once again.
Hades was prepared to embrace her.
But, when he was about to hold her hand, someone came, and held Aphrodite’s hand.
Hades called him Erebus because of the darkness he brought to Aphrodite.
This time, Aphrodite didn’t say or do anything.
Aphrodite just looked away from Hades, and swallowed by the darkness.
And for the third time, Aphrodite walked away from Hades. This time, with Erebus on her side. For the third time their bond stretched, this time way further than before.
Hades was devastated. But he can’t do anything.
All Hades did was looking at Aphrodite vanished into the darkness with deeper sadness than the last time. He was crestfallen.

Yet, Hades continued to walk forward. With a hole in his heart.
And with Zeus and Hermes on his side.
Hades would occasionally look at her right side. And all he saw was darkness.

Again, life gave Hades people to meet.
Hades met someone. He called her Nyx because of her unknown, dark personalities.
Hades tried to hold Nyx’s hand. Yet, there was a single doubt dwelling in his heart, and it was all because of the gaping hole in her heart.
But the doubt didn’t last long, because Nyx left Hades. She left him in doubt. For Hades, what Nyx did only made his hole grow larger.
Hades started to walk again, and looked to his right.
The darkness was still there.

If Hades was being miserable enough, it seems like life didn’t understand.
Life gave Hades another people to meet.
Hades called her Hemera because of her calm and kind personality.
But, the doubt was still there. It grew larger in his heart.
Hades felt the hole in his heart.
This time Hades didn’t even bother to try to hold Hemera’s hand. He backed off immediately.
And Hades continued to walk. Still with Zeus and Hermes at his side.

A long time passed.
Hades was still walking with Zeus and Hermes. And still sometimes looked at his right side.

One night, Hades stopped walking.
Hades stared long into the darkness on his right side.
And with all his heart, Hades called Aphrodite’s name.

And there she was.
Aphrodite suddenly appeared from the darkness and walked toward Hades. This time, the bond that connected their wrists shrunk and magically glowed.

Hades was overly overjoyed. And so was Aphrodite.

Determined not to lose her again for the fourth time, Hades tried to embraced Aphrodite.
He tried to hold her hand.
And Aphrodite embraced Hades back. She was finally in his arms.
Needless to say, they were happy. They were madly and deeply in love with each other.
It was the happiest moment of their life. It was once-in-a-lifetime happiness.
Their bond was clearly an unbreakable bond of love.

But suddenly, Zeus went jealous. He was extremely furious to Hades and Aphrodite.
Zeus felt Hades was hiding things about him and Aphrodite. Zeus thought that all this time, Hades was only using him merely as a stepping stone to get Aphrodite.
Zeus didn’t walked away. He was still walking with Hades. But Zeus kept his distance.
While Hermes, oblivious on what was happening with Zeus and Hades, did nothing.

Hades was utterly devastated.
Zeus was his friend. His only best friend. And after what happened, Zeus could only look at Hades with a jaundiced eye.
Aphrodite tried to cheer Hades. She assured him that she’s still there, and there was nothing to worry about, because she believed that Zeus and Hades will be fine.

“You have me. I’m yours, and you are mine.” Said Aphrodite.

Hades looked at Aphrodite. He sensed true love from her words.
Hades promised to always love Aphrodite, to always be there for her, to always fight for her and not to give up no matter what.
And Aphrodite promised the same thing Hades promised her.

Hades and Aphrodite continued walking. This time, together, holding hands.

Aphrodite introduced Hades to people around her.
Hades noticed two people close to Aphrodite.
Hades called one of them Apate because of her black hair and her tricky appearance. And called another Oizys because sometimes she made Aphrodite worried.

Some time passed by.
Hades and Aphrodite were walking together, holding hands, loving each other.

All of a sudden, many people came to Aphrodite. They were shouting at her, mocking her, shunning her because of something that she didn’t do.
Hades tried to protect Aphrodite, but it was in vain, for Aphrodite could still hear what those people said to her.
Hades and Aphrodite took a good look at the people who shouted to her. They were oblivious of what Aphrodite really did. It was obvious that someone incited them.
Hades and Aphrodite tried to search for the person responsible.

It was Oizys.
Now Hades know why he wanted to call her Oizys.
Because she brought distress, anxiety, and misery to Aphrodite. All Oizys did was causing disharmony and feuds between Aphrodite and people around her.
This time it was Aphrodite who was devastated.
Hades tried hard to cheer Aphrodite up. He gave her best care and love for her.
Aphrodite was finally able to smile again.
Yet, Oizys was already gone. She walked away from her life after stabbing Aphrodite on her back multiple times with help from the people who was incited by Oizys.

Hades and Aphrodite continued walking with Hades and Apate tending Aphrodite’s wound.
The wound was bad enough.
Yet, Aphrodite managed to walk straight, along with Hades and Apate on her side.

But what happened to Aphrodite was not the end of her misery.
Apate began to do the same thing Oizys did.
Apate stabbed Aphrodite in her back. Right through Aphrodite’s heart. It seems like Apate was also incited by Oizys.
The final blow delivered by Apate got Aphrodite for good.
Aphrodite was not dead, but she was dying.
Just like Oizys, Hades knew why he called her Apate. It was because of her deceitful, twisted, and vile personality. because Apate takes pleasure only in rooting out people’s weaknesses and using them in her own favor. Just like what she did to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite tried to understand why Apate hurt her.
But, it was all in vain. Apate was just being Apate.
It was her personality all along.
And finally, Apate left Aphrodite.

Hades could saw that there are no more people beside Aphrodite other than him.
He held her close, put her in his arms, and whispered to Aphrodite,

“It’s okay. Let them go. It was not your fault for trusting them. They just can’t be trusted. You still have me. I will always be here for you no matter what. Don’t worry.”

Aphrodite glanced at Hades.
She was frightened and bewildered, and tried to move away from Hades.
Hades could see that Aphrodite was not being herself. He could see confusion in her eyes.
It was not the real Aphrodite that he knew. It was not the real loving and caring Aphrodite.
Aphrodite moved away from Hades. She kept her distance from him.

Hades tried to call her numerous times.
But everytime Hades called her, Aphrodite would just glanced at him with the same confusion in her eyes as before. She just didn’t want to get too close to Hades.
She was afraid. She was tired.
What Apate and Oizys did made Aphrodite unable to trust anyone.
Not even Hades.

Hades was devastated.
He kept walking close to Aphrodite, eventhough she didn’t even bother to take a good look on whatever Hades was doing.
Hades tried everything. He tried to help tend Aphrodite’s bleeding wounds, he tried to remind her of their love and trust, he tried to assure Aphrodite that she is safe with him, he tried almost everything.
But Aphrodite, still bleeding from her wounds, filled with fear and distrust towards Hades, didn’t know what to respond. And she chose to be silent.

Aphrodite don’t want the same thing Apate and Oizys did to her happen again.
And that’s why she chose to kept her distance from Hades. Eventhough she knew deep in her heart that Hades didn’t do anything wrong, she knew that Hades loves her dearly, that Hades can really be trusted.
But she is just tired. Tired. She needs to rest for awhile.
Aphrodite needs her time and space to recover from what Apate and Oizys did.

And once again, their bond stretched. This time it was just a little bit.
But for Hades, it felt like Aphrodite has gone away further than before.

Hades looked around.

He saw Zeus and Hermes to his left.
Zeus kept Hermes busy. He drove Hermes’ attention away from Hades.
Hades, Zeus, and Hermes weren’t the same anymore.
Eventhough Zeus was still walking with him, Hades felt like Zeus has left him and took away Hermes from him.

He saw Aphrodite to his right.
Aphrodite was still walking close with him, bleeding with her wounds.
Her wounds began to heal, but Hades could see that Aphrodite was still shaking from the pain.
No matter how many times Hades whispered to her, Aphrodite didn’t say anything.
All she did was just glanced at Hades, perplexed.
Everytime she tried to speak, her mouth opened, but no words came out.
Hades could see that everytime Aphrodite meet other people, she would keep her distance from those people, and speak only from distance. She is afraid to get close to them.
But Hades doesn’t understand why Aphrodite won’t talk to him. Why she evades him like a plague eventhough Hades was the only one walking closely with her.

Hades kept walking.
Everyday he would look to his right, and muttered words to Aphrodite,

“Stay strong, Aphrodite. Don’t give up. Trust me to tend your wounds. Don’t let what Oizys and Apate did to you made you afraid. Don’t put a blinder over your heart. I truly love you with all my heart. I won’t make you regret trusting me.”

And Aphrodite would glance at him everyday with the same confusion in her eyes.
With the same tired eyes. She won’t let Hades tend her wounds or get close to her.
She would try to speak, but no words would or could come out of her beautiful empty lips.

Once again, Hades looked around.
He saw Zeus and Hermes talking to each other.
He saw Aphrodite close to him, bleeding from her wounds.

But eventhough he got people around him walking with him, people that have walked with him since long long time ago,

Hades felt so alone.

It was the most lonely moment Hades ever had in his life.

.. To be Continued ..


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