Appetite For Love.

I am standing,
as I feel my heart demanding.
It bellows no saving;
For love and care are what it’s craving.

She sits, wounded and bleeding;
Yet I hear no pleading.
She’s trying to hide her pain;
It was an attempt in vain.

All they could see is her smile;
Yet she’s hurting all the while.
I bow, whispering love in her ear;
But she’s pretending not to hear.

I asked for explanation,
but to me, she pays little attention.
Perhaps in her eyes, I’ve turned into a living ghost.
But why now, just when I need her the most ?

I know she needs her time and space
to conquer the problems that she has faced.
So I’ll sit beside her, patiently wait;
Because my heart has a hunger that only she can sate.


03:34 A.M.


My head and my heart hurts. Maybe it’s from the cold.
And it’s not because of the cold night wind.

It’s from your heart.
Your heart has turned cold ever since ‘that’ happened. It’s freezing even from the outside.
Let me warm it for you. Trust me. Open your door for me. Let me light the hearth in your heart.
I promise I won’t make you regret your decision for letting me in.
Don’t be afraid.
You know very well that I will never break my promises to you.


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