A Longing Heart.


My days feel so empty;
My nights are sleepless.
I long for her hug, for her kiss.
I want to see her smile, hear her voice,
see the sparkles in her eyes.
I wish she’d appear out of nowhere,
out of a thin air.

I began to find her in everything.
Every rustle of leaves,
Every drop of rain,
whispers her name;
Even the wind smells like her hair.
She’s not here,
but she’s everywhere.

All my fear, all my darkness,
things that I’m afraid of,
now bow down before my feelings.
Day by day,
and night by night,
my heartache grows.
I miss her more than I can admit.

I love her with a love
that I don’t understand where it came from.
It is all consuming.
It is never ending.
All I know, all I understand,
without doubt, and without fear,
is that she, is more than worth it.




I heard Vanessa Carlton’s song being played on the radio today.
I remember you loved to play this song on repeat.
We are less than a thousand miles apart,
but I know, right now it’s not the distance,
it’s not the bloody sea that separates us,
It’s your fear.
Have I turned into your worst monster, into your worst nightmare?


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