The Very First Moment.

I saw you, the real you;
My dream, come true.
It was hard to believe.
Have my eyes learned how to deceive ?

You gave me one look;
That’s all it took
for me to knew
that all of me belongs to you.

I smiled, and you looked down.
In embarrassment, and in love, you drowned.
I approached, step by step, slowly,
towards you, my one and only.

You were so small, so fair.
I hugged you, kissed your hair,
and you held me back, tight, real close;
Giving me lethal love dose.

It was our very first moment;
Yet, we reached a silent agreement;
To always be together;
Faithful to each other, forever.




There are no words that could actually describe our feelings the very first time we met.
I was just trying to describe our situation at that time.
Yes, I know I smiled like a fool the first time I saw you with my own eyes.
“Airport Smile” you said.
I probably should buy a ticket for the first plane tomorrow morning;
Just so you can see me making that special smile for you again.


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