08-11-2015. [2]

I can’t stop thinking.
And now, I need to write my thoughts.

I need to study for tomorrow’s test. But I just can’t get her out of my head.
It’s.. Not actually her, tho.
But it’s about what’s wrong with her.

Yesterday, she said something around :
“The reality keeps dragging me down.”

I know what she meant, I just don’t understand what’s happening with her.
All I could think about was, it’s about the people around her.
Maybe people around her is doing something that she doesn’t like ?
Maybe she’s surrounded by toxic people ?
I don’t know. I don’t bloody know.
I hate guessing. I hate making assumptions.
But I just really want to know what is going on with her.

People said, ask before you make assumptions.
But when the person you care so much didn’t even want to tell anything about their problems and just keep their mouth shut, what can you do ?
She is shouldering and managing all her problems alone.
And I hate that.

I get that you can’t depend too much on people.
But she could use some help.
And as far as I can see, the only help she’s gotten is her anti-depressant meds.
That’s still the same as doing it all by herself.
She could at least accept my offer to help her.
I know she loves to help people.
I know she understands how I feel.

She needs to realize that she is never alone with her problems.
I know that there are times in our life that we will be facing problems and life just by our own.
Times wherein when we need help for a certain problem, no one will be there to help and to support. Even from those people whom we expected to be there in times of need.
But, again, she is not alone.
She have me.
She just doesn’t let anyone help her managing her problems.
And I can see they are weighing her down.

Sometimes people aren’t as bad as we think.
Facing problems alone, a person could get hurt.
A lot of people could get hurt.
But I believe when we act together, we can really make a huge difference.


Dear Love,

I get that at the end of the day, you need to walk down your path all by yourself.
No one can walk your path for you.
But, one can walk down your path WITH you.

I know your feet hurts, and your soles are bleeding from the path that you have walked.
You’re even struggling to stand up still.

Look beside you right now.
I’m right there, ready to catch you when you’re tired walking down your path.
Because you need to realize that I’ve always been here since months ago.
You have always walking down your road with me since then.
Just know that there’s always this one person, me.
Who understands what you’re going through.

Don’t push me away.
Share me your problems and troubles. Tell me what’s weighing you down.
You don’t have to shoulder all the weight by yourself with that small body of yours.
Let me help you.
Let me carry you in my arms right now, and walk down your path with you.



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