Stars and The Moon.

2:51 AM.

I’m watching a cloudy night sky
fade into darker hues of gray and blue;
And I cant help but wonder,
do you see the same sky as I do?

Above my head, I could see the moon;
Her pale face watching the world below.
I whispered, asked her to watch you;
To help you, lift you from your woe.

I see Sirius, a star in the east,
shining with the brightest light,
as if trying to convey a message;
That you and I will be alright.

I tried to read the mind of a star,
and talked to the moon.
Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’ve turned into a fool,
since you and I went slightly out of tune.

So let me be your star and moon.
To convey you from sadness;
To shine upon you with love;
To love you through the darkness.

Because stars and the moon might hide beneath the cloud’s shade;
But the love I have for you will never fade.




I saw the dark night sky, and all I could think about was you.
My heart and my head was, and still is full of you.
I even asked myself a question,
what on earth did I think about all the time before you?
Because the love you gave consumes me.


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