03-11-2015. [2]


One of my friends passed away this morning.
I was shocked.
I remember she was still laughing with me and my friends months ago.
She was always a cheerful girl, always smiling to everyone she met.

What made write this wasn’t her, but another one of my friends.
I saw him crying when i went into my university this morning.
I was about to ask how everyone’s doing.
Well, that was how i found out that she’s already gone.

He was devastated.
He told me that he wish he had the guts to tell her that he loves her.
How he regret not telling her how he felt.
It’s too late now. He had his chance, and now it’s lost forever.

… Regret always comes too late.

He made me contemplate things.
Waiting too long to do something is.. Bad. It’s probably one of the worst thing, yes.
I understand that taking the first step is always the hardest.
But you won’t know what will happen to someone you love tomorrow.
You won’t know until it’s too late.

Maybe that’s why I always want to do something to someone in a hurry.
Maybe that’s why I lack patience when I want to do something for her.
Or maybe I’m just justifying myself for my lack of patience.

None of us are promised the next breath, or the next minute, or even the next second.
We need to appreciate what we still have today.

I need to say I love her to her right now.


Dear Love,

I got nothing much to say other than I love you.
It might seem easy for me to say the word “Love” to you.
But, when I tell you I love you, its not out of the habit.
It’s to remind myself that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.




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