Despair, Denial, and Hope.

The tide flowed,
from the sea of sorrow.

She sat there, watching them arrive,
as the waves of gloom ate her alive.
Sadness swept her into deep grief,
leaving her no slightest relief.

If there were screams, they were all silent.
She stood up, frozen, engulfed with dread.
Her heart and her mind were violent.
Trepidation and despair occupied her head.

She emerged from the waves.
Her eyes were wet with confusion.
When i was looking at how she behaves,
I’m certain that she was struck with delusion.

I approached her as she came ashore.
“STAY AWAY!” she shouted, her voice filled with doubt.
She has denied herself things she can’t live without.
As if love and trust doesn’t matter anymore.

She’s walking away aimlessly, wandering
further and further with each step she’s taking.

Following her close from behind,
I tried, and still trying to hold her hand.
Yet she kept saying, “You won’t understand.”
Fear made her heart chose to be blind.

I shouted your name, again and again.
You looked behind without a smile, frightened.
I asked you to go back into love, to once again see the light.
But you declined, bewildered, swallowed by the night.
No explanation, too terrified to speak, your jaws tightened.
You withdrew, alone, in dismay, and in pain.

O love, what sort of madness you’ve seen,
that made you refuse to acknowledge your feeling?
You greet, you smile to everyone you meet.
Hiding the pain, you speak every word in discreet.
Wearing your smiling mask, brilliantly deceiving.
World is the stage, for you to do your scene.

To stay close with you, I volunteered.
Nothing more in the world than i can offer
other than my sincere, and honest love,
as beautiful as the stars in the sky above.
I was born to love you, not to make you suffer.
Do not be afraid, I am not to be feared.

My love, try to stop for a while,
search for the love and trust for me that you have in you,
and remember every moments we have been through.
I promise I would make your life worthwhile.



Because i believe what we have won’t go away.
Just because of what others did to us.
It will stand even the test of time.
I believe.



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