You are the thought I wake up to,
And the thought i fall asleep to.

Your voice, your smile,
Wash away all my fear.
Your laugh echoes in my mind, and warms my heart,
Making distance disappear.

If I write all the things i have in my head
about how much you mean to me,
I would never have the chance,
to finish all the sentences for you to see.

The love i have for you will never fade.
Nor will it die.
It can never decay.
To this love, i will never say goodbye.

You are the love of my life.
That’s all i know and i need to know.
And if this is only a dream,
I will kill anyone who tries to wake me up
And feed them to the crow.

I do, love you.


Look what my habit to contemplate things brought me this time, love.
Straight from hospital bed.
You are my muse.


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