I went out with friends for the first time since weeks.
Well, i didn’t really want to accept their invitation, but this one friend of mine just came back from US and she needed some company.
So i thought, why the hell not? I might need a fresh air anyway.

It was, well, partly a mistake.
I saw numerous couple everywhere.
All laughing, hugging, doing sweet things, and all.
Well, if I’m not in such a sorry state, i might just scoff around and be done with it.
Unfortunately, i am.

At time like this, i remember what she said.
“yeah they look happy, laughing on the outside, but we don’t know what’s happening behind all of those.”
I need to say, she’s right and wrong at the same time.
She’s right, we don’t know if they might have problems, just finished arguing, or even on the verge of breaking up.
Although the latter is highly unlikely.

But she’s wrong, too.
The happy couple might be just finally met after months, or they might be just simply happy. Happy, and nothing else.
It’s just a matter of perspective. On how we look at things.
If we think negatively towards everything, nothing’s beautiful.
Sometimes we just need to have faith that everything will work.
What’s more, it’s a “couple”. Two person. Working together. As long as they keep doing the best for each other, i believe there’s nothing that they can’t achieve.

I guess she’s just.. Biased from what she experienced.
Blinded on one side, she can’t look on positive side of relationship.
She said, “a status between man and woman is made just to hurt someone. Be it the man, the woman, or anyone related to them.”
Cringeworthy? For us, maybe.
For her state of mind right now, it’s completely makes sense.
Yes, a couple might argue, someone might even hate the fact that they are together.
But. I remember what she said, “don’t be afraid to argue with each other. It looks bad, but it will strengthen our relationship in the end.”
Haters? Gonna hate. They might hate themselves, or just simply envious on what the couple have. They aren’t even worth mentioning. They are the lowest kind of people to be worry at.


Dear Love,

I know you still can’t think positive.
All you can see and perceive is how bad uncertain things would turn.
Have faith.
Do not be afraid to see things from the positive side.
Do not be afraid to be happy.
You’ve felt ‘once in a lifetime’ happiness with me.
Appearance and how something look can be deceiving, yes.
But true happiness, what you’ve felt, be it with me, or with someone else, does not lie.
Do not worry about the future. Do not worry about what tomorrow will bring.
We live in the present. Let’s cherish what we have. Let’s cherish our love. How me and you love each other.
Do not let your worries, your fears, overwhelm you.
I know you understand well what i meant.
But sometimes..
Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.
Strive on.




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